Giornate di Coniglicoltura ASIC 2013
Atti del convegno - Proceedings

Quale futuro per la coniglicoltura italiana? - Which future for Italian rabbit production?

Xiccato G., Zuffellato A., Sandrin R., Frabetti A., Dorigo F., Lenarduzzi M.


Resource allocation in reproductive rabbit does: genetic strategies for a suitable performance
Pascual J.J., Savietto D., Cervera C., Baselga M. (Spain)
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Controlling the rabbit digestive ecosystem to improve digestive efficacy and health
Combes S., Fortun-Lamothe L, Cauquil L., Gidenne T. (France)
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Sessione Riproduzione e Genetica - Reproduction and Genetics Session

Exploring the rabbit genome to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms useful for association studies
Bertolini F., Schiavo G., Scotti E., Martelli P.L., Casadio R., Fontanesi L. (Italy)

Effect of light intensity on performance of rabbit does
Matics Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Radnai I., Mikó A., Szendrő Zs. (Hungary)

Effect of intensive and semi-intensive rhythm on reproductive performance of rabbit does
Szendrő Zs., Mikó A., Odermatt M., Gerencsér Zs., Radnai I., Matics Zs. (Hungary)

Sessione Nutrizione e Fisiologia - Nutrition and Physiology Session

Effect of feed restriction level and period on performance and health of growing rabbits
Birolo M., Tazzoli M., Majolini D., Trocino A., Xiccato G. (Italy)

Effect of dietary supplementation of fresh red chicory (Chicorium intybus foliosum) on gastro-intestinal tract and caecal fermentation of rabbit before weaning
Cardinali R., Dal Bosco A., Castellini C. (Italy)

Preliminary study on the evaluation of the nutritional potential of mixtures of hatchery by-products and cassava peel meal in cross-bred growing rabbits diet (Nigeria)
Ojebiyi O.O., Rafiu T.A., Shittu M.D., Ajayi O.

Sessione Benessere e Management - Welfare and Management Session

Growth during the first ten months of age in cage-bred wild rabbits
González-Redondo P. (Spain)

Effect of floor type on productive, carcass and meat quality traits of growing rabbits
Gerencsér Zs., Szendrő Zs., Mikó A., Odermatt M., Radnai I., Nagy I., Szendrő K., Dal Bosco A., Matics Zs. (Hungary)

Performance of growing rabbits in bicellular cages and collective pens
Filiou E., Trocino A., Tazzoli M., Majolini D., Zuffellato A., Xiccato G. (Italy)

Sessione Patologia - Pathology Session

Contribution to epidemiologic knowledge on rabbit dermatomycosis in Northern Italy
Agnoletti F., Buniolo F., Gagliazzo L., Bonci M., Bano L., Sartori D., Scandurra S. (Italy)

Molecular diagnosis of Myxomavirus and characterization of strains detected in Italy during 2010-2011
Cavadini P., Lavazza A., Botti G., Brivio R., Capucci L. (Italy)

Evaluation of biofilm formation by rabbit Escherichia coli biotypes
Cocchi M., Deotto S., Clapiz L., Bregoli M., Di Giusto T. (Italy)

Full diagnostic approach aimed to eradicate Myxomatosis from an industrial farm
Lavazza A., Grilli G., Cavadini P., Castellina C., Ardizio M., Sacco S., Capucci L. (Italy)

A two-year (2010-2011) survey on productive performances and mortality rates of farmed game hares (Lepus europeaus)
Rigo N., Piccirillo A., Poppi L., Grilli G., Trocino A. (Italy)

A two-year (2010-2011) survey on the causes of mortality in farmed game hares (Lepus europeaus)
Rigo N., Poppi L., Rampin F., Schiavon E., Grilli G., Piccirillo A. (Italy)

Sessione Qualità della Carne - Meat Quality Session

Sodium reduction in marinated rabbit meat
Mudalal S., Petracci M., Cavani C. (Italy)